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Seller's Walk-Through

A great way to get

top dollar for your home

Wouldn't it be great to know in advance what's going to show up on an buyer's inspection report instead of being blind-sided just before closing? A seller's walk-through arms you with that knowledge. It's  a full inspection,  just like buyers will get, except that you have the option of  saving significant money by skipping the report and taking notes as you accompany me on an inspection.

We're likely to find lots of little things that you might not even know are defects

that can be fixed for a few dollars--for example, an electrical outlet that should be ground-fault protected, a door to the garage that should be self-closing  or a slow leak under a sink.  Why not strike them off the buyer's report? 

Hopefully we won't find anything major, but if we do, you'll be empowered in advance to decide what to do about it.

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